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Apr 02, 2016 12 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Restart Device. I know how it sounds and chances are most of you have already done this couple of … Windows server connected to LAN, but not to Internet (The first 3 numbers of the server's IP have to be the same as the first 3 numbers of the router's IP, and the last number of the server's IP has to be outside the DHCP range of the router AND an address not used by any other computer in the network.) A subnet mask of will probably work. "Cannot connect the computer to the server" error message

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Cannot locate the Internet or proxy server when selecting A proxy server -or-A firewall that does not allow HTTP requests to be placed on your local network; Internet Explorer is not your default browser. The ForceShellExecuteregistry key is not present in the following location or is not set to 1: For 32-bit Office Versions installed on 64-bit OperatingSystems. Windows Server 2008 can't connect to internet Apr 10, 2012