Each time a new SSL session begins, Wireshark will review the key log file entries to look for the identifier corresponding to the current session. If the identifier is found, it retrieves the corresponding key and decrypts the whole session. The general format is " ". Here is the definition from Wireshark source code documentation:

Who needs the Wireshark GUI right; let’s do this at the command line and be grown up about things. This is a straight copy of my popular Using Wireshark to Decode/Decrypt SSL/TLS Packets post, only using ssldump to decode/decrypt SSL/TLS packets at the CLI instead of Wireshark. Aside from the obvious advantages, immediacy and efficiency of a CLI tool, ssldump also provides some very useful Wireshark Filter for SSL Traffic – InsidePacket Mar 16, 2018 SharkFest ’17 Europe - sharkfesteurope.wireshark.org Using SSL key log le in Wireshark I Con gure le in Wireshark preferences: Edit ! Preferences; Protocols ! SSL; (Pre-)Master Secret log lename. I Key log le is also read during a live capture. And if the le is removed and a new le is written, the new key log le is automatically read. I Caveat: key log is read while processing ChangeCipherSpec Using wireshark to determine which RSA PRIVATE KEY SSL You need the actual private key of the remote endpoint, where HTTP session over SSL connect to. A good example there: How to Decrypt SSL and TLS Traffic Using Wireshark. 1 - Start Wireshark and open the network capture (encrypted SSL should be similar to the following screen shot). 2 - From the menu, go to Edit > Preferences.

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If you follow the instructions about decrypting SSL with Wireshark, use the "SSL debug file" option to store the logs into a file. (Note that the user interface has changed slightly in newer versions of Wireshark, in the way you configure the private key.) The log …