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Reset Windows 10 Local Admin Password Using Command Prompt Then you can take net user command to reset Windows 10 local admin password or add new admin account just like on accessible Windows 10. 1. Reset Windows 10 local admin password with net user command. 2. Add new admin account to Windows 10 with net user command. Step 5: … Three ways to run remote Windows commands – 4sysops net stop spooler / ydel % windir % \ system32 \ spool \ PRINTERS \ *. * / f / qnet start spoolernet start cpsvc. Now, assuming the commands above are saved to a batch file named 'CleanSpool.bat' which is located in C:\temp directory, enter the following command on your computer: Psexec-c-f @ c: \ temp \ complist.txt c: \ temp \ cleanspool.bat Tip: Unmap (disconnect) network drive via command line Oct 14, 2016 All about net.exe (Net Command) - Windows Files Databank

Is there any Windows command which will show the status of a single service? For example, I want to know whether "IIS admin service" is running or not. If it is running the command ouput should be "running". I tried sc query type= service state= all | find "IIS Admin Service" which displayed the output: "DISPLAY_NAME: IIS Admin Service"

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6 – net command – Although this tool is more known as a command, the net command is really like a power drill with different bits and is used to update, fix, or view the network or network settings. It is mostly used for viewing (only services that are started), stopping and starting services: net stop server; net start server

Apr 28, 2011 windows - net use command to show _all_ connections The net use command refers to the currently logged in user(*). Nothing more, nothing less. It is possible to authenticate as another user as part of a net use command of course, but … Show status of a Windows service from the command prompt