This post provides information you need to fix DNS leak in Linux Ubuntu; But configuring network settings to avoid DNS leak on most Linux distributions uses the same approach. Some of the most used and trusted Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) DNS servers: Google Public DNS: and Cloudflare DNS: and

[email protected]:~$ ip add show [email protected]:~$ ip route show. Output of above command would look like below, Perfect, output confirms that Static IP has been assigned successfully on interface ‘enp0s3‘. Even if we reboot the server, this ip address will be consistent. Now, let’s move to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktop. You will see that there is a DNS server given over here, So whenever you try ping, say “”, this DNS server in here will try to resolve this name to the IP address and then forward all the data packets to that IP address. I suspect that this DNS server is not reachable from this machine. Jun 03, 2015 · Hi All, Where can I find all the NTP server names/ip addresses on Linux/Solaris systems. How can I grep these names/IP address from specific files from a specific OS (Linux/Solaris). I know on linux /etc/ntp.conf and /etc/ntp/ntp.conf on solaris contains these details. Sep 03, 2019 · The steps provided below are tested on CentOS 7 server, Ubuntu 16.04 server, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server and desktop editions and FreeBSD 12. However, it should work on most RPM-based and DEB-based Linux systems and Unix flavors. Configure Static IP address in Linux. First, we will see how to configure IP address on RPM-based systems.

Apr 07, 2020 · The DNS server then queries the authoritative name server that’s hosting the zone of the domain you originally entered into your program. The authoritative name server sends the IP address back to the DNS server, which, in turn, sends it back to you. Installing dig. dig was already installed on our Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 30 computers The line dns-nameservers sets up a DNS server with the IP address of as our DNS server (it is a public DNS server from Google). To configure multiple DNS servers, just add spaces between them: dns-nameservers IP_ADDRESS1 IP_ADDRESS2 IP_ADDRESS3… Save the file and exit.

Jul 01, 2020 · To create DNS records, go to your NameCheap account dashboard, click Domain List on the left pane, and click the Manage button on the right. The click Advanced DNS tab to edit DNS records. A Record (Address Record) maps a domain name to an IP address. After creating MX record, you also need to

Mar 01, 2019 · 3. What DNS Server Am I Using – Linux. To check what DNS Server you are using on Linux, simply open up the terminal and do nslookup for any website. Just type in the following command. You can replace “” with your own IP address as well.